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What happens when the roles change in your family?
Are you prepared for the added responsibility?  

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The Reality of Aging Today

With an unprecedented number of the population aging into their golden years and living longer, many adult children and elderly spouses are grappling with social, cultural, economic, personal, and financial challenges as they transition into the primary caregiver role for their aging parents or spouse. An estimated 21% of households in North America are now impacted by these caregiving responsibilities, with expectations the numbers will only continue to rise.


Committed to providing customized solutions for families looking for immediate support or long term planning, Aging with Grace addresses the needs of each family member involved. Its Healthy Aging at Home program, caters to the needs of caregivers and their elderly loved ones alike, as they both adjust to the shift of responsibilities and roles, and the emotional and physical challenges they experience.

How We Can Hep

How We Can Help

Book a Family Caregiver Assessment


A Family Caregiver Assessment is an in-depth look at the current situation you and your elderly loved ones are facing. First identifying the most immediate needs to address helps to establish a starting point. This provides the foundation on which to create planning around longer term goals for both you and your family member in need of care.

The assessment will clarify a number of key areas including:

  • Understanding what you the caregiver are investing in your time and energy

  • Identifying the current familycare dynamics and desired outcomes

  • Establishing if critical legal documents are in place, ie: Power of Attorney 

  • Confirming if standing fiancial documents allow caregiver access, ie: Wills, Estates & Trusts, or bank accounts 

  • Documented medical forms for emergency care such as Assisted Living and Insurance claims

  • Desired quality of life choices and stages, ie: Independent Living or In-home Support



Family Caregiver Concierge Services


Overwhelmed by caring for an elderly family member?

  • Gain peace of mind with your own Family Caregiver Concierge Services.

  • Get the small, important tasks handled making your caregiver role smoother and effective with a bit of help from us.

Family Caregiver Concierge Services was developed to provide family caregivers of elderly loved ones, administrative and organizational support to reduce the stress, overwhelm, and confusion of managing the many shifting details and responsibilities needed to ensure a safe, secure and dignified quality of life for their elderly family members and themselves.

Well ManoredTM Services


Need a bit of help with your house ?

Introducing a new division of Aging With Grace

Well Manored™ Services was developed to provide excellent house-keeping support services that deliver the professional demeanor of a franchised or corporate cleaning service with the personal attention, loyal staff and customized service of a local business. We can work with you to fulfill any special request you might have, so please feel free to communicate your needs to us.



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Meet Nancy


Nancy Glover is a Healthy Aging advocate providing mentoring and support to extraordinary women and men who have stepped into the challenging role of caring for their elderly parent or spouse.  Blending first-hand expertise with practical step-by-step systems to support the needs, goals and desires of the elderly family member, Nancy helps caregivers maneuver their complex and often challenging role with supportive advocacy and resources that equally focus on all family members' well-being. 

Nancy had been a caregiver to her elderly parents from 2009 until their passing in 2016, and like other family caregivers, had experienced the frustration and overwhelm of finding, coordinating and managing all the information and resources that ensure her parents' needs were met. All while juggling the demands of running a business and trying to have a life of her own.



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