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About Nancy Glover

Nancy Glover is a Healthy Aging advocate providing mentoring and support to extraordinary women and men who have stepped into the challenging role of caring for their elderly parent or spouse.  Blending first-hand expertise with practical step-by-step systems to support the needs, goals and desires of the elderly family member, Nancy helps caregivers maneuver their complex and often challenging role with supportive advocacy and resources that equally focus on all family members' well-being.


Nancy had been a caregiver to her elderly parents from 2009 until their passing in 2016, and like other family caregivers, had experienced the frustration and overwhelm of finding, coordinating and managing all the information and resources that ensure her parents' needs were met. All while juggling the demands of running a business and trying to have a life of her own.


While finding plenty of information on-line and good community programs out there, Nancy often felt a lack of a coordinated process that could provide quality, personalized and effective care that could evolve and adapt over time as her parents' needs changed.


Unable to find that right kind of support; that one point of contact, Nancy decided there was really no "one stop" service that could help her navigate both the regional healthcare system and all the other non-medical support systems she and her parents needed.


It didn't take her long to realize that there was a huge need for such a service, so she decided to create it!

Nancy has been through "the trenches" and knows the lay of the land as well as the language necessary to help caregivers and their elderly family members have a more respectful, empowered and supportive experience during this later life-stage transition. 

Read about Nancy's experience, insights, tips and resources on her blog by clicking here.


Have questions about working with Nancy? Click here to read frequently asked questions.

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