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Lest they forget – interviewing your elderly veterans to share their memories

With Remembrance Day coming up this week in a time of Covid, interviewing and recording the veterans in your family you care for is an excellent way to not only record their living memory of their experiences in a time of war for their family’s benefit, but also as a way to pay tribute to their service.

Often, showing pictures of their younger selves in uniform, or of the medals they earned, can be helpful in jogging their memories. Music from the days of their youth is also a powerful way to bring up the memories, war-related or not.

A cautionary note though. This needs a delicate, respectful approach.

Be mindful if, over time, your loved one hasn’t been willing to share their stories of war, as the memories may be too painful. If that’s the case, then asking them to share what memories they want to from their younger years is still a good subject to broach.

If your loved one is in a facility, ask if they’d be willing to put a Remembrance Day ceremony on TV for those who wish to watch. For those willing to share their military experiences, see if they’d like to wear a poppy, and arrange to have one delivered in a safe manner.

Whether your loved one shares their military experience or not, recording their interview will be treasured by family members. Their living memories of a much different world are priceless

Nancy Glover

Aging With Grace


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