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Family Caregiver

Concierge Services

Overwhelmed by caring for an elderly family member or loved one?

Family Caregiver Concierge Services was developed to provide family caregivers of elderly loved ones, administrative and organizational support to reduce the stress, overwhelm, and confusion of managing the many shifting details and responsibilities needed to ensure a safe, a secure and a dignified quality of life for their elderly family members, as well themselves.

  • Gain peace of mind with your own Family Caregiver Concierge Services.

  • Get the small, important tasks handled making your caregiver role smoother and effective with a bit of help from us.

Family Caregiver Concierge Services can assist you in four specific areas:

1. Information Collection and Management

To create an effective tracking system to manage and retrieve any documentation identified as being crucial in supporting the Caregiver's decision making on behalf of their elderly loved one.


  • Non-Medical documentation reviewed/updated:

    • Power of Attorney

    • Representation Agreement (Advanced Care Plan)

    • Will/Executor

    • Financial/Taxes Planning

    • Insurance/Investment considerations

  • Health/Medical documentation reviewed/updated or created:

    • Consolidate/coordinate health records

    • Create a weekly chart for tracking medications, OTCs and supplements

    • Create weekly menu planner and nutrition tracker

    • Set up accounts for ease of home support services ie: grocery delivery

2. Support Service Coordination and Management

To relieve family caregivers overwhelmed with managing all the different and changing support services and personnel needed over time.


  • Coordinating:

    • Communication between/amongst medical professionals and family

    • Tracking of payments for eligible tax/ VA claims (?)

    • Personal care/specialized services as indicated

      • Care Aide/Companion

      • Community Nurse

      • Physiotherapist

      • Occupational Therapist

    • Regular/specialized home support service providers as indicated

      • Housekeeper

      • Groundskeeper

      • Repair/reno and other trade services

      • Decluttering

      • Charity donation pick-up/distribution

      • Items to be sold

      • Junk removal

      • Medication/assistive aids pick up/delivery

3. Appointment Scheduling

and Follow Up

To relieve family caregivers overwhelmed with managing an ever-shifting and expanding appointment schedule for themselves and their loved ones.


  • Creating and managing caregivers' and/or care receivers' appointment schedule.

    • Setting up/following up Medical/Health appointments and transportation.

      • Record notes for file and report back to Caregiver and family - as indicated.

    • Coordinating and managing personal care, social and general errand schedules and transportation as indicated.

4. Research Projects as Needed

To provide caregivers with ad-hoc fact-finding assistance on more specific or detail heavy topics related to the care of their elderly loved ones.


  • Health/Medical information reported in easy-to-understand terms (decreases uncertainty re: medical terminology).

  • Nutritional information customized to loved ones' specific needs.  Collected and charted in easy to read format

  • Alternative housing options - what is available/best suited to loved ones' needs.

  • Cost comparison analysis ie: at home service support costs vs. independent right-sizing, assisted living or complex care costs (requires comprehensive review of loved ones' financials).

  • Other related topics as indicated.

Want to learn more? Have questions about how we can help?

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