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Well ManoredTM Services


Need a bit of help with your house ?

Well Manored™ Services was developed to provide excellent house-keeping support services that deliver the professional demeanor of a franchised or corporate cleaning service with the personal attention, loyal staff and customized service of a local business. We can work with you to fulfill any special request you might have, so please feel free to communicate your needs to us.



What Well ManoredTM Can Do For You?


Need help with daily tasks, special occasions, or downsizing?

  • We can help hanging pictures

  • We can clear out those hard to reach cupboards

  • We can organize a bit of regular tidying and cleaning

  • We can tackle any other "odds and ends" on your to do list


Well Manored ™ services can be used as little or as much as you need to help keep your home running smoothly.


We also LOVE to de-clutter and find good homes for items you no longer need or want.



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Image by Matthew Lancaster
Healthcare Recovery Canada (HRC)
Helping you find free money

Individuals experience impairments to their health which mean they can no longer conduct one or more of the ‘normal functions of life’.  There may be compensation available!

Healthcare Recovery Canada (HRC) refers to this as “free money” because there is no fee, cost or investment.  HRC undertakes the investigation, application, processing and securing of the compensation.  Very little effort is needed from the individual.  Compensation is paid directly to the individual.

Applications can be done retroactively for years, or into the future.  They can also be done on behalf of estates of deceased individuals, allowing them to give one final gift to loved ones.

HRC works on a ‘contingency’ basis, which means they only share in any compensation received by you.  If no compensation is achieved, you never pay anything.  There may also be future ‘ongoing’ benefits to the individual, which HRC does not share in.

HRC's clients receive a written guarantee of privacy and confidentiality.

Getting started is easy.  Just contact HRC by phone or email to ask questions.  If you want to refer a friend or relative, just let HRC know and they will contact them.  HRC pays you a referral fee when you refer someone and they receive money.


Contact info: 

Jim Chandler, CEO




More Resources

 1. Involuntary Separation  (by Services Canada) – in case an elderly person has to go into full care but their spouse can remain independently at home.  If you are eligible, each of you can claim CPP, OAS, GIC as a single person.
2. Involuntary Definition (by BC’s Family Caregivers’ Society) 
3. Code status and MOST definitions chart  - MOST (Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment) by the Fraser Health Authority. This is a simplified chart to inform caregivers of the level of care for elder parent or partner.  The patient can determine if they’re competent, otherwise, done by whoever is authorized to make medical decisions on their behalf.
4. MOST – end of life care fill-in form.  Also put out by Fraser Health.
5. My Voice – Advanced care planning guide quick tips.  This is a booklet that allows people to make advanced health care decisions for themselves.  A link on this form goes to a BC government website from which they can download the booklet for free.  It’s also available in hard copy form at most doctors’ offices, hospitals, clinics, etc.  The guide includes exercises for people to write down their wishes, and includes a Power of Attorney (POA) and Representative Agreement (RA) forms at the back to fill in.  The actual form is, as stated, a quick tips instruction of how to use the booklet.
6. Bereavement Checklist – put out by both Federal and BC governments.  It covers the different “to do’s” to register a loved one’s death with each level of government as well as a variety of organizations and institutions.  Quite comprehensive.
7. BC Seniors’ Home Renovation Tax Credit info: click here for more details.
8. Service Canada’s info about Caregivers’ Tax Credit: click here for more details.



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